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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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what can you do to keep two schools running after the fire gutted the community center they share. >> east bay drivers pay attention with new signs being tested on i-80 and how they will help the commute. >> it is now 6:00. it is thursday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we will check on weather and the breezy forecast. mike? >> it will be final to hold on the hats and the steering wheel across the bridges as the frees pick up and run perpendicular. dry air is rolling in. we have a few clouds. no fog. this is as extensive as the cloud deck is long the east bay shoreline from exploritorium camera. we are in the mid-50s to low 60s under clouds and sunny condition and the lower humidity means sunshine by noon and the temperatures are mid-to-upper 60s to low-to-mid 70s inland
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and by 4:00, we are in the my 50s at the coast and barely 80 inland. you will neat a light jacket as we fall into the 60s after the sunsetting at 7:38. >> you need the see the breezes with the camera bouncing but no high wind warning. you could blow from side to side so be aware. we have continue minute commute from albany along i-80 into san francisco. 101 if san jose near 880, looking good, but we have double a four car crash blocking one or two lands and headed along the westbounds from along highway 237 at 101 you can see the backups building. >> more on the breaking news we follow from north carolina. a marine has been killed. several have been injured. a helicopter made a hard
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landing. janet o is in the newsroom with more. >> a main has been killed. nine have been injured. the helicopter made a heartlanding at camp lejeune in north carolina. the chinook helicopter was on training exercises when it crashed. a spokesperson said the name of the dead marine will not be released for another 24 hours. this has been a very tough year for the manies. 18 marines have been killed. there have been five deadly actions with aircraft. if may two marines were killed when the helicopter crashed in hawaii in a heartlanding. five days earlier, six marines were killed in a helicopter crash while on a rescue mission after the nepal earthquake. in march, seven marines were kid in a crash off of florida and in january two were killed in a training accident in southern california. two arm storms yesterday were injured when their helicopter made a hard happening in colorado. they are expected to recover.
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>> two schools in the santa cruz mountains need your help to get back on their feet. we were in los gatos on mop when a fire gutted a community center used by two schools. leaders are issuing a call for donation to restore and replace what was lost. matt keller is at loma prieta elementary. there was $1 million in damages. >> a lot people in the santa cruz mountains use the loma prieta community center. there is a fence up for keep the people out because of the fire. there is a big effort to replace what was lost. here pictures from the loma prieta foundation website. can you see how badly it damaged the building between the loma prieta and c.t. english school in los gatos. a 17-year-old and his friends were there to smoke marijuana and nope had any they kept
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carpet by lighting a boss on fire and the remains were put in a garbage can leading to fire. the classes were canceled on monday. community center is used by sell groups including seniors and theater in the mountains, and santa cruz sheriff had a substation and the schools used the gym for p.e. and music and art and dance. there is money being raised. insurance will help but so much more was last including musical instruments, art supplies, sports uniforms, laptops, ipads, computers and other electronics. community fund has been set up with a link on you can find out the details on helping. >> 6:04. firefighters are keeping watch over a fast-moving wildfire that burned several hundred acres in
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lake county and they estimate the elk fire has consumed 450 acres north of the town of upper lake and is only on percent contained. the fire broke out at 3:00 yesterday. the firefighters were hopeful higher humidity would help them with containment efforts. the red cross has established an evacuation center for resident whose choose to leave their home. >> a utah man is facing charges for vandalizing the all wars memorial in danville in june. the 18-year-old from it you was arrested with surveillance video showing he and another person using black and red spray paint to deface the memorial. >> san jose police have captured the final suspect in the murder of a business after arresting a suspect last week. surveillance video shows he and two other amended men terrorizing christopher wren last month before killing them. investigators have not revealed a motive. police killed the other two men
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in two separate shootings. >> napa police are investigating a sexual assault open a college campus yesterday. a man grabbed a female inside a weapon's restroom on the napa campus at lunch time. this happened in the 1800 building. it was veried to police. the attacker escaped but is described as white, 6' tall with jeans. >> california high school students have serious studying. a report shows that less than half are ready for college based on s.a.t. scores. the average score for california students is down 30 percent the last decade. nationally test scores have reached a 10-year low. >> 12-year-old boy who did not want do go to school because he was bullied got a special escort. members of the sons of thunder christian motorcycle clubbed -- club stepped in to help.
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the grandmother said he was beat up and did taught want to return to school. a bicycler said he will never forget this motorcycle et cetera -- escort. >> i knew that this probably was the highlight of his year if not his life. >> the club said they wanted him to know he is not alone and all classmates cheered as he arrived at school. >> today, east bay students will notice an upgrit to the lunch. they are rolling out more nutritious meals with focus on fresh produce possible by usda grants that help install new kitchen equipment serving 2.5348 lunches to underprivileged students each school year. >> still going to school and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> the weather, school, easy
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class. >> here is a look at what we are dealing with, 55 at santa clara to 56 in cupertino and saratoga and the cool spot is to the south los gatos at 54, and 59 in santa teresa and san jose and sunnyvale and 58 in milpitas and los altos at 59. we have 59 in san francisco, and novato and lafayette at 58 and clouds in walnut creek and 60 degrees and the clouds will last maybe an hour or two after the sun. we have a lot of sunshine and more cooling at 82 inland, and below average, 64 to 68 and below average and breezy again, and 70 to 76 in the south bay >> a quick picture of the bridge, the remark is quiet. moving to the busy spots we have heavy backups now building as you head westbound on highway 237 and that is where we have a four car crash looking at delays
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away from this area and pulling to highway bobo we have a lane blocked and i will show you the alternates in the next report and in oakland we have a new crash involving a motorcycle blocking the number one lane northbound nimitz up to 7th street if you are traveling to the macarthur maze you are going to be slowed. on westbound highway 24 we have boxes flying off the truck and they have things in them so cargo is being strewn about the roadways and we will find out if it is slowing in just a few minutes. >> caltran will test a system to keep track of interstate 80 traffic. you may notice the new signs, the sense report gives drivers new information and tell drivers when to change because of a crash or stall and suggest driving speeds based on conditions. the test is going to take place
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from 10:30 to 11 a.m. in berkeley. we will have a look next half hour. >> the trading could be today. >> the force awakens three months early and disney is building star wires hype. >> ronald mcdonald busting a hoof and inspiring this dance that has everyone watching and talking. talking. stay tuned.
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>> cupertino, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> stocks extended the gain because of european industrial bank which keeping interest rates at record lows after reports show the eurozone economy hemmed up better-than-expected over the summer helping worldwide markets regain momentum after global volatility triggered by fears over key's slowing economy.
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the nikkei ended the day higher and markets in china and hong kong were closed for a national holiday. we go to new york at 6:30 for the opening bell. >> there is an effort to raise the minimum wage crass silicon valley with san jose mayor liccardo joined by mayors of campbell and palo alto and cupertino and morgan hill, and a representative from santa clara in the new of the called the largest collective effort to raise wages, because of the growing gap between the wealthy and working class. >> a bay area man who now calls the central valley home, said he escaped an apartment fire with his kids but when everyone was out and safe he had to go back in for another thing. >> i thought of my
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[ inaudible ] i put the ribs on there and, man, i had to go back in. owe robert wright knows what is important, family and then ribs. he grew up in west oakland and talked to a journalist about the rib rescue and was barbecuing ribs when he noticed the fire next door and he went back in after he made sure the family was safe. >> don't want to lose the platter of ribs. >> would knew ronald mcdonald >> would knew ronald mcdonald was a dancing machine promoting >> reason amend and a group of kids got down. kids got down. you can see they
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launch a petition, i cannot believe ronald mcdonald was naughton invited on "dancing with the stars" this season. >> original ronald mcdonald willard scott doing that. >> that would be manage to see. >> or have him do the carmen miranda. >> i remember that, too. >> no one is dancing in the rain this morning. >> 2011 we are in the second shade of yet down 1" to 1.5" from sacramento to lake tahoe and it is worse heading to the south. you can see the darkest red near yosemite toward bakersfield and to los angeles. we do not get that were rain in
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one season. where el nino we will have a deficit and drought. >> sfo, so far, no delays because there are no clouds. grab the sunglasses. hold the hats. you may need an extra blanket. inland valley could drop into the 40s and warmer-than-average weekend temperatures are on the way. in san rafael it is clear this morning at 59 degrees. below average for today and cooler tomorrow. radar and satellite shows cloud along the coast and with the strong breeze the dry air is starting to mix out the marine layer and that is why we will have total sunshine and mid-70s through the santa clara valley. gilroy is upper 70s. at the game, chargers take on the 49ers and 67 at 7:00 and dropping to 60.
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breezy. dress appropriately. mid-60s along the coast in pacifica and sunset around 65 and upper 60s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay and 74 at vallejo and the exception is santa rosa at 80 and low-to-mid 80s lake port and cloverdale and low pressure 70's and right in the middle of hercules at 73, and mid-to-upper 70 in the san ramon valley and upper 70s to low 80s for the rest of your inland neighbors. tonight wherever in the 40s napa and santa rosa at june and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s and notice the peninsula coast is dealing with the cloud cover. the low is singing. all the moisture is up north. they have had worse fires in washington than we have had. we are going to get the breezes and dry air and cooler conditions tomorrow by a couple of degrees. look at the rebound on saturday, five or ten degrees waller and sunday, holiday monday and tuesday, 70s at the coast and
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80s around the bay and 90s inland. the may joe bridge shows the brake lights are lightening the screen. we put a call to c.h.p. and they do not have a unit on the scene. we have little information. there are at least 12 cars pulled over at the end of the bridge taking on to the commute. there are 12 vehicles pulled over around foster city boulevard saying there is gas in the lanes, two lanes are blocked with gas. we do not know what that means. gasoline? we are trying to find out. we will let you know. it is causing big slowing. use the dumbarton bridge instead. highway 101 westbound highway 23 we are telling with delays because of the accident involving four vehicles we have delays away from caribbean drive.
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it is looking like 237 is slowing pulling away from 880 and blocking the off-ramp and one lane near the express way and southbound 880 so far we do not have delays, sluggish. >> we are three months from the debut of new "star wars," movie but super fans are counting down. >> there are new star wars toys rolled out today available on the west coast starting at midnight but in some places it is already friday. this video shows fans getting their hands on life saveers and lego investigation of the physical con and the disney store opens at midnight to accommodate fans and disney opens lucas film is the parent company of abc7. >> we have to wait to the fire works and now this. >> making your mark at a popular
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>> parents usually identify adhd activity disorder in children according to a new study. researchers surveyed 3,000 parents. they found two of three cases of adhd are detected by mom and dad. the study noted this is identified with parents concerned of behavior, attention or performance. the study is published in the journal of national health statistics reports. >> now at look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, paula. >> good thursday. on "good morning america" the war of words between jeb bush and donald trump is escalating. the gone front run are hitting bush for speak spanish and bush is saying donald trump is bullying the republican party and joins us to discuss the latest attack
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>> art is coming to life at san francisco's asian art museum. >> jap meese and chinese ink drawings are animated and projected on to the walls as a showcase of bet of the museum office acquisition in 15 years. >> you can look at classical chinese painting and feel moved and engaged but this is a different resonance that happens with the technology-based works an immediacy. fresh. new. innecessity separative. >> it puts a a contemporary s on landscapes. >> the pumpkin festival needs your help with an official theme song for next month. if you can come up with the perfect song you can perform it at this area's pumpkin festival
6:26 am
the deadline is october 2. for rules go to >> former oakland raiders head koch said he is sure the former team will call los angeles the new home in 2016 now an analyst with espn said he had sources say the move is inevitable and called southern california a great place for football whether it is the raiders, chargers or rams. he was head coach of the raiders from 1998 to 2001. >> i don't do you find fans as dedicated as they are here? >> nation watching as a same-sex marriage showdown plays out in kentucky with a clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses. >> backpacks issued with learning in mind with a change to benefit kids.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happening now, another day of trade on wall street. opening bells ringing in new york. [ inaudible ] the outlook is positive with a surge yesterday and a jump by asian stocks this morning. >> ringing the bells is c.e.o. of crh medical corporation a toronto company celebrating the new listing at the stock exchange. we will check for our morning money report coming up at 6:45 but right now thanks for waking up early and joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> how are the weather numbers? >> new numbers weather it is wind speed or temperature. visibility is unlimited other
6:31 am
than clouds along the peninsula coast. and clouds developing along the east bay senior line otherwise grab the sunglasses. you will need them. the flag is on the explore storm as the winds stay up and they increase the speed headed to the afternoon hours. the temperatures are 52 to 60 and cooler than yesterday and 64 to 74 is the spread at noon which is cooler and the 4:00 temperature, from 64 to barely 80 inland and most us need a light jacket, 62 to 72. now, the heavy traffic possibly. leyla? >> this is a bit of a mystery trying to figure out exactly what is causing all the slowing. westbound traffic is not the usual slowing in the morning. we are at 14 members teen hayward and foster city. we are hearing head we have a dozen cars that are on the shoulder with possible "gas." and i don't know what that means, maybe gasoline is in lane. the fire department is headed
6:32 am
there along with c.h.p. we are looking at speeds dipping down approaching the end of the bridge. you may want to use dumbarton to the south although that is look like traffic is building as you make it interest east palo alto. >> we will continue to follow that. continuing to follow breaking news, one marine has been killed and nine more hurt when a helicopter made a hard landing at camp lejeune, north carolina, the latest insurance department in -- incident in a tough career -- year for marines. 18 marines have been killed and the 5th involving a deadly aircraft. one killed and nine injured when the helicopter made a hard landing in north carolina. the chinook helicopter was flying during a training exercise when it crashed. officials say the accident is still under investigation and the name of the dead marine will not be released nor another 24
6:33 am
hours. back in may, two marines were killed when the osprey crashed in hawaii in a hard landing mishap. there were 21 marines on board help route to hawaii for training on land. five days earlier six marines were killed in a helicopter crash on a rescue mission. in march, seven marines were killed in a crash off of florida and in jap, two were killed in a training accident in southern california. yesterday, two army soldiers were injured when their helicopter made a hard happening in colorado. they are expecting to >> drivers in east bay notice something new along i-80, caltrain will turn on new electronic signs to test how well they are working displaying information on traffic. amy hollyfield is in berkeley with a look. >> all you have to do is look up for help with traffic. you can see signs are there.
6:34 am
they not lit up or ready to go. we do have a sneak peek, video of caltrain testing the sign at the shop before hanging them up. they are meant to make the commute safer and more efficient with real time information about traffic conditions. if there is a wreck it will help you make informed decisions on the speed or what lane to be in. caltrain is very proud of the system saying there is technology that will talking to each other. >> the most extensive system of its kind in the spire state of california because it extends along a 20-mile stretch of i-80 corridor teen carquinez bridge and bay bridge and integrates with other local but congested thoroughfares. >> the corridor needs help, up to 270,000 vehicles use it each
6:35 am
day one of the busiest in the bay area so officials say it needs one of the most sophisticated state-of-the-art systems to help ease the congestion. they do not think they are going do have the signs quite ready until the were of the year but today they will demonstrate them for us so we can give you a better idea of what to expect. >> fast moving near has burned hundreds of acres wooded terrain if lake county, erupting yesterday afternoon north of upper lake. it burned 450 acres and 20 percent contained. this video shows trees turning interest giant match sticks off of old, -- off of evacuations have been ordered. they were then lifted shortly after. we will have an update in the hour with new numbers. >> details surrounding a vallejo kidnapping thought at one time to be a h. prosecutors charged mathew muller with kidnapping denise
6:36 am
huskins in march. they tracked him down with information from a cell phone he left behind during an attempted whom invasion in dublin three months later. the lawyer wants the judge to they out physical evidence from the investigation saying it was found through illegal search of muller's cell phone. if the evidence is thrown out the feds may have another card to play in building the case: muller allegedly confessed dug an interview with a reporter reported by the jail. both sides are back in court september 16. say the showdown over kentucky county clerk's decision not to issue marriage licenses to gay couples moves into a federal courtroom. kill davis said she is exercising her right to religious freedom by refusing licenses to same-sex couples. she could be find or jailed. protesters have been growing in front of the check over her decision. >> if we go to another county we are saying it is okay to
6:37 am
discriminate against us. we cannot do that. >> davis has been criticized for hypocrisy after being reeved she was married four times. >> a new way to transport technology an upgrade for a popular backpack plan to help your children carry everything they need for class. >> a call for help after a fire gets a community center in los gatos that many depend on and how you can make a difference how you can make a difference for students at two on the san mateo bridge with a dozen cars pulled over to the side causing massive delays. leyla is working on more leyla is working on more information
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>> back at 6:40 on thursday. at half moon bay, at the beep for labor labor -- the beach for day, low-to-mid 60s but they will drop. the ocean now is two to five degrees above average outside of bodega bay. around monterey, 69. freey. sunny. 80's through the central valley and yosemite. 71 if lake tahoe. mid-70s for san diego and los
6:41 am
angeles. heading to hawaii, all the storms are going to stay away from the islands. it should be delightful to be in the islands. take me with you. please. leyla? >> went you just there? >> last year. >> okay, time flies. we are trying to find out the information of what is happening on the san mateo bridge with heavy traffic into the westbound direction and we hear about 12 vehicles are on the shoulder slowing traffic down as you make it into foster city at 16 minutes to get you between hayward and highway 101. to the south, it could be a good at that with backups at the toll plaza and closer to east palo alto we are hearing after new crash eastbound i-80 with details on that in the east bay come up this a few minutes. >> the maker of a popular backpack is looking to revamp the product to help students keep up with the times.
6:42 am
they are in talks to add tech compartments to the backpack. it could make the bags smaller to prevent students from everloading which leads to back problems. >> donations needed in los gatos. you can help two schools affected by a fire this week. >> are you in the market for a new car? now is the best time to bay. >> also, stay in the know with abc now and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the clouds on east side of the hills but you can see heavy traffic on but you can see heavy traffic on the west side.
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get interest-free financing until 2019 on tempur-pedic. but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. >> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 6:45 students in south bay need your help after a tough start to the school year. a fire gutted a community center shared by an elementary school and a middle school in los gatos and our reporter is at loma prieta elementary with the donations they need now. matt? it is a big loss for the people here in the santa cruz mountains, keeping people out of the loma prieta gym and
6:46 am
community center with efforts to rebuild starting. the fire was plained on teens that discars a smoldering box at the community center in a garbage can. classes were canceled for on students, which was used by self groups including a senior brown and these december in the mountains. the sheriff had a substation and the schools used the gym for p.e. and music art and dance. minute is being raised to recover what was lost including musical instruments and computers and other electronics and the fund is now set up with a leg on you can find out how to >> we are watching the stocks this morning as the markets have a chance to react to the newly released jobs report. jane has more in the money
6:47 am
report. jane? >> good morning, positive start to things with week hijabless claims today and they came in at a hire with the big monthly jobs report coming tomorrow so i thought we would be quiet today but that is not the case, the dow is up 111 points and s&p 500 and nasdaq trading higher across the board this morning. a new smart watch was unveiled, the gear s2 that lets users make quick voice calls without linking to nearby phones and both new models do support such as calendar, e-mail, news and text and provide fit notice practicing and the battery can be chasmed with a wireless challenging dock running for two or three days on a single charge. and the bus company that is a major inknow visitor in green energy and bloomberg gets 20 percent from propane powered
6:48 am
buses which are if for cost >> car deals abound in september. if you want a 2015 model, and 31 models redesigned include bmw and the prius and dealers are slashing thousands off of the millions to clear them off of the lots. >> now we see if the arrows with the temperatures are pointing up or down this morning. >> down. >> they have been down. >> little bit. then they will go up really fast, as fast as the stock market has been falling, our temperatures will be inversusly proportional. >> how about that. >> our almanac for september unlike san francisco and oakland it is not our warmest month, we cool from 82 to 79 and 58 to 55
6:49 am
on low side and 35 to 106 for emstreakses and .2" rain and the greatest amount is 2" and continue advertise paymenting -- anticipating a beautiful sunrise from the exploritorium to the port. the cool breeze is going to temper the strong sunshine. look for cooler nights tonight and tomorrow and maybe some 40s in the north bay valley, but, summer heat runs sunday afternoon all the way through the middle part of next week of the breezes stayed active and sfo was 20 right now and hayward was ten and oakland at 15 and napa at ten and fairfield at 21 and san jose, three, but you are faster this afternoon, 11 o'clock this morning until 9:00 this evening, bay bridge and san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge, a cross breeze and that does not noon it will not be breezy elsewhere, we will still have 10 or 20 minute gusts and
6:50 am
santa rosa at 10, and livermore at thin and then they will fade headed to sunset and overnight but they will be back and faster tomorrow. upper 70s in los gatos and gilroy and average high is 82, and san jose is only 75, same in santa clara and milpitas, grab a coat at the game tonight, when the sun sets we drop to about 60 degrees. it will be breezy. the afternoon temperatures are low-to-mid 70s and menlo park and palo alto at 74. mid-60s all the way along the coast and 64 in daly city, and come in is the cool spot and upper 60s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito mid-60s bodega bay with sunshine and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay and santa rosa is the warm spot at 80 and low-to-mid 70s along the east bay shore with oakland at 72 and inhappened we will have upper 70s to low 80s. we will be close to the 40s tonight with then pa and santa rosa at 51 and the rest of us in
6:51 am
the mid-to-upper 50s. the mid-to-upper 50s. reinforcing push of cooler and the lines causing the cars to pull over so we are seeing the delays as you may the drive in the westbound direction. still, the traffic is stopped and it is just packing in there. i will take you to a lot of slowing eastbound direction in el sobrante but westbound direction with 29 miles per hour with the delays coming away from hercules because of a motorcycle crash. through san pablo it is slow and
6:52 am
go and on the brakes at the hoffman split. the sig-alert has canceled in clayton. we are back with 15 theys to know before you go. >> but, first, weather and traffic during the commercial break and a lot of traffic here break and a lot of traffic here and the bay bridge toll
6:53 am
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before you go. number one, breaking news from camp lejeune in north carolina where a marine was killed when the helicopters made a hard landing. nine others were injured. this is the 18th marine killed in five accidents this year. >> firefighters are hopeful the higher humidity will help them fight a 450 acre blaze in lake county that erupted at the upper lake area. it is only 20 percent contained. firefighters are called from around the state. >> the preliminary hearing in the san francisco pier 14 shooting case is expected to wrap up today. a san francisco judge is deciding whether francisco sanchez will be charged with murder in the death of kate steinle slot and kid while walling with her father in july. >> caltrain plans to honor two san mateo county sheriff deputies for their heroism. the deputies saved the driver of a stalled car from oncoming train last month. a security guard from the redwood city station will be
6:55 am
honored. >> five, cooler and breezy today and look at santa rosa, 50 degrees on other extreme, and oakland and fremont at 62 and hayward at 63. a beautiful picture with coit tower prominent in the early town shine. microsoft is sunny and 68 and peninsula and east bay topping out at 7 pa and south bay 76 and north bay around 80 degrees. >> san mateo bridge, we have something going on on the other side, so if you want to make the move westbound, use the dumbarton bridge because we have lanes blocked as you get to the end of the bridge. as we move over to the richmond-san rafael toll plaza the drive is backed up to castro street with a motorcycle crash headed when on i-80 testing on new roads on the most congested bay area road begins alerting drivers on interstate 80 between the bay and carquinez
6:56 am
bridges to citizens and congestion before they get stuck in traffic so maybe they have time to find an alternative. >> finding -- fingers >> we will be back here in 25 minutes with news weather and traffic during "good morning america". >> breezy start but a beautiful day ahead.
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good morning, america. breaking news for the viewers in the west. a new tropical storm formed in the pacific overnight. a massive chain of hurricanes, tropical storms and typhoons threatening and massive heat wave in the east. new this morning, lost in translation. donald trump slams jeb bush for speaking spanish on the campaign trail outraging latinos and some republicans who fear he is trying to kill the party. jeb bush here live this morning only on "gma." going cold. police searching for new clues in the murder of that officer gunned down on duty. a massive response overnight to a false lead and the fallen officer's last words. >> 10-4, did you need a second unit. >> yeah, go ahead and start somebody. >> the desperate search this morning. disorder on the court.


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